Vladimir Yakuba
Staff. Sales. Leadership.
37 years. Business coach. He was acclaimed as the best in the profession 3 times. #1 in sales from the stage by phone. The best-known Headhunter in Russia. Has published 9 books. Author of 11 educational films. He has conducted training sessions in 132 cities and 18 countries. Vladimir is the only business coach conducting the training sessions in the format of Reality.
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Business coach of the year.

He has been voted in two nominations and rating in 2014 and 2016 years

TV Presenter, expert on the radio

32 series of “The Staff Solves”. It is TV-show. And 50+ television broadcasts.

The writer

The author of the books on sales, self-discipline, team management and etc.

Participant of the reality TV show

“The Candidate” with Vladimir Potanin. It is a Russian analogue of “The Apprentice” with Donald Trump.


  • Economic
  • Human resource

MBA Lecturer

Took part as an expert and participant on TV-programs.

Author of more than 300 publications in 42 editions

100 000+
participants of
Vladimir’s trainings

1 000 000

views of Youtube channel


Sabutskaya Tatyana
Head of HR department, JSC “Sberbank Russia”

Very easy to understand, clear and accurately. Got a lot of concrete instruments for vacancies’ closing. Thank you!

Pytkina Svetlan
Head of staff management, recruitment and adaptation in Home Credit Bank

I liked the training for its simplicity and real practical instruments. My myth “direct search is a complex process because of necessity to come up with difficult “legend” which should work ” was completely shattered. There was formed a need and readiness to use the instruments right after the training. Thank you vary much for the positive, great energy and professionalism!

Olga Nikiforova
Head of Training center of staff development department in Mondi Group

I’d like to extend an appreciation to Vladimir Yakuba for the interesting training, well built and with selected examples. I had an opportunity to get answers to some questions, exchange opinions with colleagues. Special thanks for creation of warm and sincere atmosphere among like-minded people!

Mariya Aleksanina
Head of recruitment, development and HR department in LLC “Rostelecom”

The best training that I ever participated in! For two reasons: 1. Everything was held in an interactive way, “here and now” – resumes from hh.ru, our job advertisement on farpost.ru, calls to candidates. 2. I’ve god a new info, which I’ll really use in my work. It’s nice to get instruments in a training, which really work! Thank you!

Polina Zueva
Chief specialist in JSC “MMC “Norilsk Nickel”

It was a very useful training! Ideal correlation of hunting theory and practice! Thank you!

Vladimir has gone for the meetings with participants

1 370 000 km



World travels



trips to the moon



The list of questions, that I would be happy to discuss at the interview


  • ● Time management: How to master your time?
  • ● 10 apps for a smartphone that can save you 30 minutes a day
  • ● Effective planning: Top-5 modern tools
  • ● New boss: How to become part of the team? 4 main steps
  • ● Self-discipline: Self-management and self-motivation
  • ● 5 non-traditional ways to motivate your employees
  • ● Business Intelligence 2.0
  • ● How to manage freelancers?
  • ● Intuition and heuristics in making management decisions


  • ● 5 tricks to speak in public without fear
  • ● How to become a charismatic public speaker without a natural charisma?
  • ● Speech by a leader. Business class presentations in aggressive environment
  • ● Can leader express his feelings? Does he have a right to show his weaknesses?
  • ● How to identify the true leadership skills?
  • ● “Leader” and "manager" – what is the difference?
  • ● Can you learn to be a successful leader?
  • ● What roles does the leader need to play?
  • ● Is leader a lone hero?


  • ● How to sell over the phone with 80 percent efficiency?
  • ● How to "bypass" 90 percent of secretaries?
  • ● How to stop pampering the client and settle a bargain?
  • ● How to overcome the maniacal desire to step back?
  • ● How to increase the price?
  • ● The most useful word for every salesperson
  • ● How to attract people’s attention appealing to their own interests?
  • ● How to deal with threats?
  • ● How to leave the price unchanged while changing the proposal?


  • ● Force of influence. 14 guidelines to influence your partner in conversation
  • ● "Verbal" aikido and karate-do
  • ● Owner of the word. Hard negotiating style
  • ● Techniques for processing challenging questions
  • ● Scripts and texts to respond to the customer’s objections
  • ● 4 ways to deal with a complicated client
  • ● How to deliver bad news? 3 general rules
  • ● The most useful question for each negotiator
  • ● Tricks to get discounts
  • ● International negotiations


  • ● What are the most effective recruiting strategies?
  • ● What is headhunting? Cases?
  • ● How to recruit the best candidates via social networks?
  • ● What are the top methods of employee performance evaluation?
  • ● How to assess a candidate within 15 minutes of the interview?
  • ● How to motivate employees?
  • ● Anti-Headhunting. How to protect the company from headhunters?
  • ● New trends in HR: What is talent management?
  • ● How to conduct an assessment center from A to Z?


  • ● How to create the best possible resume?
  • ● What to include on your resume if you are not a top manager?
  • ● How to find yourself: Professional self-determination
  • ● How to make a successful career change?
  • ● How to pass a job interview at any company? 5 steps
  • ● 3 key questions at a job interview: start, finish, money
  • ● What you need to do to make employers headhunt you?
  • ● Tricky interview questions: How to answer them?

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